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PT. Tjiwi Kimia East Java Indonesia
Installation Steam Pipe Carton Box Machine

Installing steam pipes for supplying carton box machine steam with the best quality and product quality, and safe for use in these industrial activities


• As previously explained, the function of this steam pipe is to separate water and steam, then distribute it to each work unit. This is important to do because the water has no function in the production process carried out and even has a negative impact on production results.


• The supporting component used in this process is a steam trap or steam trap, where this tool is stored at the lowest part of the pipeline. Make sure the tool is installed correctly and must not be upside down in order to function properly. • A steam trap stored in a drip leg or pipe bag will detect the presence of water flowing or hanging from the pipe, then the device will convert the water into steam at low pressure.


• Several types of stream traps are usually equipped with filters or filters for better results. However, if there is no filter in the stream trap, then we need to install it ourselves. The water that has become steam will then flow or be distributed through a special pipe for steam.

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