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PT. Tjiwi Kimia East Java Indonesia
PM10 OCC Plant Installation

Instalation stock preparation is the initial stage of the paper-making process. Fiber as the main component in the formation of paper sheets cannot be made into paper sheets without prior processing.

1. Pulping Pulping Process Pulping process is a process of crushing pulp sheets into pulp pulp. This slurry process takes place in a pulper machine using a mixture of process water. The pulp sheets are manually fed by the operator into the pulper machine.

Inside the pulper machine there is an agitator which is useful for stirring the pulp so that it is evenly mixed. In addition, there is also a buffle on the pulper wall which is useful for breaking up the turbulent flow so that the pulp slurry can be mixed.


2. Cleaning Cleaning After the pulp is pulverized, the pulp is collected in the pulper chest and then flowed to the High Consistency Cleaner for cleaning. The working principle of this HC Cleaner is by using the working principle of centrifugation. In this HC Cleaner, the pulp slurry is cleaned of impurities carried with the pulp, such as sand, wire, and other impurities which have a density greater than the pulp. The heavy phase will descend to the bottom while the light phase of pulp slurry will be lifted up into the DDR Double Disc Refiner.


3. Refining Milling Process The milling process is the process of destroying the fiber by grinding it to obtain the desired fiber characteristics. The purpose of this process is to expand the surface of the fiber so that the bonds between the fibers become stronger. The fibers that have undergone a pulping and cleaning process are then ground in a DDR Double Disc Refiner. Physical changes in the fiber due to the milling process are fiber cutting, reduced cellulose fiber wall thickness, changes in water holding capacity and a more uniform fiber shape. Usually this milling is done until it gets the desired degree of grinding freeness. The freeness value is determined not from the length of the milling time but from the amount of power used in Kilo Watts per Hour KWh.


4. Mixing Process Mixing The mixing process is a process of mixing short fiber pulp, long fiber pulp and broke with the aim of obtaining high tensile strength. After being mixed in the mixing pipe, then the pulp is flowed into the medium chest and machine chest for temporary storage

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