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PJB Tanjung Awar-awar Tuban East Java Indonesia 

Upper main hydrant Coal yard

Installation of fire extinguishers (fire hydrants and fire extinguishers) inside and outside the building as a whole system and its parts, as shown in the drawings and as specified.


Included in this work is the procurement of goods/materials, installation and testing of all materials, handover and maintenance for 12 months.


Provisions that are not listed in the drawings or in the technical specifications/requirements but are necessary for the implementation of the installation work as a whole must also be included in this work.


In general, the work that must be carried out on this project are: Procurement and transportation to the project site, installation of materials, materials, equipment and equipment for fire fighting systems (fire hydrants and fire extinguishers) in accordance with applicable regulations/standards as indicated in the general requirements to support the operation of the system/equipment, even though it is not stated in the Terms and Conditions. share at Special Techniques or drawing documents

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